Block blocking air.


Block can be used for valves. Neither the Gas (upper left), nor the water (lower left) can leave the pressure chamber through one of the valves. Only the air can go through it. The valve grid in the middle of the chamber prevents the fire from reaching the gas.

Block creates an indestructible wall which can only be deleted by using erase. It is different from the elements in Powder Game in that:

  • It is categorized separately on the menu.
  • It prevents wind and air from passing through it.
  • It can only be made in 4x4 pixels.
  • Block is indestructible. No elements can affect it or pass through it.
  • It does not take up dots.
  • It can only be aligned to a certain grid.
  • A valve can be built by two diagonal neighbouring blocks. No elements will pass through such a valve except for air. However, valves are not safe in respect to any reaction of elements.

There is a default border of block surrounding the game field at first in order to stop elements from falling (if side-loop is off).

Block has three reactions:

  • Fast moving ice ball will turn into snow on contact with block.
  • Cloud turns into water on contact with block.
  • Bubble will turn into steam in contact with block.


  • Block used to be called bloc.
  • Block was one of the first two elements or objects Powder Game started off with.
  • Air does pass through it very slowly.
  • Gas will also go through it (in the form of fire) when lit by fire, but its radius can only pass through pen-s 2 block..
  • In some uploads, the upload thumbnail's block (and stone) will turn a different color than in the actual upload.
  • Many players have questioned why block is only available in 4x4 chunks, and have requested that 1 pixel size block be added (pen-s 0). This has not been done because block is the only thing that stops or deflects air. Because air pressure and wind is processed in 4x4 blocks, block, the only thing to stop air, is in 4x4 blocks. If it were in single pixels, the 4x4 blocks of air floating around would be awkward. Air is not processed in single pixels, because that is 16 pixels to a single 4x4 block. Therefore, it would cause 16 times as many units and at least 16 times the processing power for air alone.

Although complex scripting of the game could overcome this, such is difficult, and so much more demand of system processes could demand too much from older, lower end PCs.


The stone and block in this thumbnail (left) have turned a different color. However, the actual upload (right) is normal.

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