Attribute is a property of the player, text, fireworks and ball. By clicking with the left mouse button text/player/fireworks and choosing with the right mouse button some element (or vice versa) the fireworks/player/text/ball will get the attribute of that element. The player can also absorb elements with his head. If no attribute or a wrong element is chosen, the player will have no attribute and fireworks, ball and text will have the powder attribute.

In Powder Game (AG), a player created must have an attribute. However, it is possible to have a player with no attribute by viewing an upload that has one.



Some elements have something similar to attributes, but it cannot be added via menu and is not retained on Copy-Paste. The activated form of an element behaves differently than the unactivated form.

  • Virus
  • Clone
  • Ant
  • Fuse

Similar Concepts

  • Air has a similar property, as right clicking air creates low pressure (blue) but left clicking creates high pressure (green).