Angel is the eighth class in Stick Ranger. Angels use rings which act like boomerangs, which must return before being thrown again. Like the Priest, Gunner and Whipper, Angels were added after the initial release, in ver9.2. It is currently the latest class in the game.

The Angel is an interesting class because it can be used as both a supportive class and a damaging class like the Magician. Angels have a Ring stat, which increases the number of rings the Angel can have out at once. In addition, each ring has the ability to damage a single opponent twice; when it is thrown, and when it is returning. Both of these hits can build up MAG, resulting in a very fast MAG build-up if the Angel has enough rings. Unlike all other classes, the Angel's attack speed is not directly influenced by AGI, but also limited by the number of rings it has. Increasing range is not recommended unless in the need for outranging as the rings will take longer to return.


Stat effect per SP invested LP

No effect

+ 10


Min AT + 1/4, Max AT + 1/3

+ 4


Ring + 1/(10 × floor(Ringoriginal + 1)) (Maximum +4)

+ 2


+ 1 MP gain per hit with magical weapon

+ 2


The Angel uses:

Ring Ring Fire Ring Fire Ring Thunder Ring Thunder Ring
Long Ring Long Ring Ice Ring Ice Ring Thorn Ring Thorn Ring
Power Ring Power Ring Quick Ring Quick Ring Charge Ring Charge Ring
Fire Circle Fire Circle Thunder Circle Thunder Circle Long Circle Long Circle
Ice Circle Ice Circle Thorn Circle Thorn Circle Power Circle Power Circle
Quick Circle Quick Circle Charge Circle Charge Circle Fire Chakram Fire Chakram
Chakram Chakram Thunder Chakram Thunder Chakram Long Chakram Long Chakram
Ice Chakram Ice Chakram Thorn Chakram Thorn Chakram Power Chakram Power Chakram
Quick Chakram Quick Chakram Charge Chakram Charge Chakram Fire God Fire God
Thunder God Thunder God Long God Long God Ice God Ice God
Thorn God Thorn God Power God Power God Quick God Quick God
Charge God Charge God


  • Despite having wings, the Angel cannot fly.
  • The wings change color with the weapon.
  • The Angel uses its wings to swim.
  • The ring movement can be interrupted or slowed whenever the Angel is frozen or slowed down.
  • This is the first class that does not use their hands while attacking. Only their wings flap.
  • This is the first class in which all weapons can pierce.
  • When the rings return to the Angel, the rings always fly towards the Angel no matter where the Angel is. This allows rings to fly across the screen if used properly.
  • When Angels were released, several bugs appeared. For one, some people could not use Angels unless using a certain computer or restarting their computer. Also, the projectiles from the Fire Spirit 1, 2, and 4 turned white, and the projectiles from the Fire Spirit 3 and all of the Thunder Spirits turned cyan. And also, equipping a White Stone (only one) would not be possible. This was immediately fixed in ver9.3.
  • The wings are not parts of the character's body, but parts of the weapon - if the rings are removed, the Angel loses its wings.
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