In Powder Game, air is an unusual tool.

Air as an element

Air is an unusual element, because it simply exists everywhere, where no other element is located. Because of this, it doesn't move like other elements and can not collide with them. The effect when air is moved is called wind. This might be caused by pressure gradients, by tools like wind, by a fan, or by a chemical reaction, usually because of fire or an explosion. Air has no color and is usually displayed black, but its pressure can be visualized for example with BG-air, BG-line, BG-gray, or BG-mesh.


Air pressure rises when an element burns (see flammability). The element gas does not affect air pressure, unless it burns. A pressure gradient can create wind. Air pressure is simulated in Powder Game in 4x4 pixels. Air pressure cannot pass through block.

Pressure is more or less measured by comparison of the rest of the screen. If the player separates the screen into two halves by a wall of block, then adds a large amount of air in one half, the unaffected half's pressure drops. The opposite happens when the pressure is manually lowered in one half.

The pressure of air is visualized on BG-air and BG-line in green, blue, or black. Green represents an area with high air pressure. Black represents an area with medium air pressure. Blue represents an area with low air pressure. In BG-gray, pressure acts the same, except it is represented by shades of gray.

In BG-mesh, high pressure is visualized with a rippling green and orange grid, while low pressure is displayed with a turquoise grid. The grid is absent in neutral pressure.

Air as a tool

When the tool Air is right clicked, it will create low air pressure and elements fly toward it. When the tool Air is left clicked, it will create high air pressure, and elements will fly away from it. The strength of the air is determined by pen-s. Air is the only thing in Powder Game that has a different effect with right and left click.

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